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Traditional Art
TF2 - W+M1 Phlogs by Beginneratart
Brawlhalla - Ember, Yara, Ash by Beginneratart
TF2 - Clotheswap by Beginneratart
Destiny - Happy Father's Day 2016! by Beginneratart
Destiny - Water Sword and Fire Bow Sisters by Beginneratart
Destiny - Sonata Doodle by Beginneratart
A doodle about anything (probably 6 characters at the max) as long it's not NSFW (slight/minor gore is acceptable). I barely do full bodies (usual is either to the waist or a bit of the legs). You can choose if you want it to be:
-Coloured digitally (first pic)
-Coloured traditionally (partially or fully) (third pic)
-Include coloured guidelines (second and fifth pic)
-A simple sketch (fourth and sixth pic)

Please link me a reference picture and state what you want the scenario to be like! 
Team Fortress 2 Sprays and Icons
TF2 - Absolutely Bloody-tastic! by Beginneratart
Gift - Fabulous Pink Fedora by Beginneratart
Commission - [TF2] Out of Time by Beginneratart
Just link me a reference of your TF2sona/character who want me to draw, what class your character is in, etc. It can either be a Steam ID picture or a desktop background (please state your computer's resolution!). 
Note that I barely do full body pictures. The maximum usually just go to the waist/a bit of the legs. 

Please link me a reference picture and state what you want the scenario to be like! I also accept 1 key as a payment for this commission type. 
Digital Art
TF2\UT - On Days like These... by Beginneratart
TF2 - What do you Want!? by Beginneratart
Brawlhalla - Lucien Degas by Beginneratart
Destiny - She who Dreams of Animals by Beginneratart
TF2 - Rivals (+Speedpaint) by Beginneratart
A digital piece of art about anything (probably 6 characters at the max) as long it's not NSFW (slight/minor gore is acceptable). I barely do full bodies (usual is either to the waist or a bit of the legs). You can choose if you want it to be:
-A vector pic
-A vexel pic
-A quick comic

Please link me a reference picture and state what you want the scenario to be like! 
Destiny - Human to Lynx (GIF) by Beginneratart
Portal - You did WOT!? [ANIMATION!] by Beginneratart
Short GIFs of your topic of choice! Please include a reference to the character and state the action that is happening. 


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Art Tart
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Ey, sup! Call me Aht, Art Tart, Tart, or Jenna Foxtrot. Whatever floats your boat. If you wanna know about me, click that picture up there. :)

Give a llama, get a llama by AskGooroo

BT EN Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-designChina lang3 by Faeth-designIndonesian language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy(But I suck at it lol)
Stamp: German Language Beginner by MafiaVampFrench language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy

MARVEL The Avengers Group Stamp by TwilightProwlerMarvel Stamp by CrimsonFlames86Agents of SHIELD Stamp by Rugi-chan
Snoopy Writer Stamp by Mirz123Indiana Jones Stamp by AndrewJHarmonCalvin and hobbes by simplestamp
Team Fortress 2 Stamp by ADDOriNFireAlpaca User Stamp by DemireStamp - Source Filmmaker by byte-byte
Tomboy Stamp by JiiHakufake accents by DametoraFave Because of ART by TwiForever
I don't care if someone popular than me by SoraRoyals77cuz I don't wanna be killed by CleliusOrigami stamp by Beginneratart
animal artist, not furry by ohhperttylightsSelf taught artist - stamp by Eirene86Judged on Science, not Storyline... by Beginneratart
i love tea. by SadiyaStamp: Jesus Christ by MafiaVampTF2 Intelligence Stamp by MrEchoAngel
TF2 Scout Stamp by HyaKkiDouR4nTF2 Pyro Stamp by HyaKkiDouR4nTF2 Sniper Stamp by HyaKkiDouR4n
TF2 Engineer Stamp by HyaKkiDouR4nGrass Grows, Birds Fly, Sun Shines, and Brother... by Animations4You

Quiz results:

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My birthday badge
'TIS EXAM MONTH! Yep, that means less art.... *sigh* Sorry, but since I'm just up in my head all meddled up and will have to study my butt of *coughchinesecough*, I will cancel quite a lot of stuff and this list won't sound too fun. I guarantee that December would be better though! 

Arrow left Stuff I'm currently focused on   
 "Pun Fortress 2": TF2 silly fan comics.
I've made some during the Inktober thing so maybe I'll whip up some more and colour them on my phone to save time. 
Bullet; Green Inktober!!!
HA HA OF COURSE I'M NOT DONE WITH IT YET. I just need 4 days guys, 4 days more (which will prolly be a week, lol)! 
 "Destiny REF SHEETS + Terminology pics!
BLEH I'm still working on Casey's :') at least I've made some progress. 
 Commissions and contest prizes.

Arrow left Stuff I'll work on when I feel like it  
Bullet; Blue 
"Destiny": Chapter 3
New (not really) characters introduced! More stuff explained about weird amulets and magic-that's-not-magic! More weirdness and more carrying-an-unconcious-body-around (I guess you could say Jack was out of cold-holY CRAP WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT PUN BEFORE!? THAT'S GOING IN THE STORY/BEING A COMIC/BOTH!)! :D
Bullet; Blue "Destiny": Story banners
Haha they're all so crappy with little effort put into them. Gonna redo them and also make one for the 2nd chapter, lol.
Bullet; Blue "Mercenaries of SHIELD": a Team Fortress 2 and Agents of SHIELD crossover.
I really wanna at least lay out the characters with their assigned crossover'd roles. 
Bullet; Blue 
"Secret Hobbies": TF2 mini comic series. 
HAH no way am I doing this in exam month. It'll probably come on December and wrap up with some Christmas thing? 
Bullet; Blue "Another Normal Day": Webcomic series. 
Trust me guys: I've got LOADS of AND ideas. It's just that I've got LOADS OF OTHER IDEAS in my mind. Hah, that's the only thing I'm organised with: my thoughts. 

Arrow left Stuff floating in my mind  

 Comic versions of some story bits of "Destiny". 
TOTALLY gonna do this once more chapter are out lmao
 "Mission: PRTL": a 007/Portal crossover comic in partial collaboration with 312ghosthound as well. 
I might just do some random comics but I'm definitely gonna make a poster or something!
 Storyboards for "Animate this Song" ideas. 
Thanks to Hamilton binge-listening I'm pretty sure there's gonna be a Hamilton!Mike, Burr!Quinn, and a Lafayette!Lucien at one point. I swear. (but you should listen to it tho it's real good) 
 Animate a bit of JT Machima's rap "Tracer vs The Scout".
Got an idea in my head already! 
 "Core Origins": a Portal fan comic!
I'm moving this here since I wanna work on TGED first. Got most bits drafted/written down already! 
Bullet; Yellow "Fem Fortress 2": My versions of genderbent TF2 mercs.

Arrow left Stuff I won't do  
Bullet; Red "TG - Expiration Date": a crossover/parody of Valve's Expiration Date using my canine characters from "The Paw Gang". 
*sighs* alright, so let me explain this. This comic was mainly started as a practice thing to improve my digital art and get used to FireAlpaca (and my tablet I guess?), and of course, out of hype with my knowing of TF2's existence. Besides, I don't think much people would be interested, heh (sorry if you were man, but I really appreciate it). HOWEVER, I would defiinetly draw some TF2!The Paw Gang and some Dog Fortress 2 from time to time. So yup, it's canceled. Sorry again. 

Arrow left Stuff I'm OVER WITH! (aka done)  
 Pun Fortress stoff! 

Thanks for reading y'all! Really appreciate it.  

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